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Sutlej Tourist Bus

Sutlej tourist bus is the biggest tourist vehicle that we offer for your big size visiting group in Nepal. It is the comfortable and air conditioned vehicle for any duration of tour and travelling holidays in Nepal.

We suggest you to book this Sutlej tourist bus if you are 30 and more member but not exceeding 35. We offer you the most reasonable and competitive price for booking the Sutlej tourist bus in Nepal.

Booking Information

KathmanduAirport : Mountain FlightSutlej ( Bus)Rs.35003 hrs
KathmanduAirport : Overnight ChargeSutlej ( Bus)Rs.6300
KathmanduHalf day city Swoyambhu Stupa (Monkey Temple), Patan durbar squire.Sutlej ( Bus)Rs.44004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Bhaktapur tour onlySutlej ( Bus)Rs.44004 hrs
KathmanduPashupati Nath and Boudhanath Stupa tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.44004 hrs
KathmanduKritipur/Chovar tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.44004 hrs
KathmanduBungmati/Khokana tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.44004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Daksinkali tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.51004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Godawary PatanSutlej ( Bus)Rs.51004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Sundarijal tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.51004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Sakhu tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.51004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Chagunarayan tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.51004 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Dhulikhel tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.61504 hrs
KathmanduHalf day Dhulikhel tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.82504 hrs
KathmanduNagarkot and Bhaktapur tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.96504 hrs
KathmanduFull day Kathmandu city, shoyambhu stupa, Patan durbarSutlej ( Bus)Rs.89508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Pahupati Nath Temple, Boudha Stupa and Bhaktapur durbar squireSutlej ( Bus)Rs.89508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Daksinkali, Chovar and Kritipur tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.89508 hrs
KathmanduFull day Bhaktapur- changunaraya- Nagarkot day tourSutlej ( Bus)Rs.122508 hrs
KathmanduPokharaSutlej ( Bus)332007 hours
KathmanduChitwan SaurahaSutlej ( Bus)Rs 283007 Hour
KathmanduChitwan JugodiSutlej ( Bus)235005 Hour
KathmanduChitwan NarayanghadhSutlej ( Bus)Rs 252006 Hour
KathmanduChitwan Jungle LodgeSutlej ( Bus)Rs 30000
PokharaPokhara Fullday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 11200
PokharaPokhara Halfday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 6300
PokharaSarankot Half Day SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 6300
PokharaNaudada Halfday SightseeingSutlej ( Bus)Rs 8750
PokharaNayapool DroupSutlej ( Bus)Rs 11900
KathmanduLumbiniSutlej ( Bus)Rs 57900
LumbiniTilaurakotSutlej ( Bus)Rs 5200
KathmanduPokhara Chitwan LumbiniSutlej ( Bus)Rs 97000
ChitwanDamanSutlej ( Bus)Rs 10600
KathmanduPokhara ChitwanSutlej ( Bus)Rs 70000
KathmanduPokhara LumbiniSutlej ( Bus)Rs 70000